25th Annual Dublin Peanut Festival
September 16th, 2017


Hello Valued Vendor!

 The Dublin Peanut Festival Committee takes pleasure in inviting you to be part of our 25th annual Dublin Peanut Festival in Dublin, NC on Saturday, September 16, 2017. Excitement is always in the air on this day! The Festival begins with a parade at 10:00 am followed by lots of entertainment including rides, games, music, a car show and most important…..craft vendors and food vendors! The cost to participate this year is $50 for craft vendors and $175 for food vendors.

Please return your registration form along with the cost of your craft booth by September 8th, 2017, so we can have an approximate vendor count. Anyone wishing to set up a booth that is just giving away information such as brochures, etc. will be charged a vendor fee of $50.00. Also, any vendor that does not pay their fees before Festival Day will be charged an additional $20.00. Anyone paying the morning of the festival will be CASH ONLY. Food vendors please note that the only food products you will not be allowed to sell are peanuts, hot dogs, sausage dogs and bar-b-que as these are the food items we sell.  

We ask that you set up prior to 8:30 am. Note: set up can begin Friday after 3:30 PM. However, the Dublin Peanut Festival will not be responsible for any property loss or damage that may occur overnight. Please do not break down until 4:00 pm.  Breaking down early and trying to drive your vehicle through the festival site could result in an accident to guests attending the festival.

The Bladen County Health Department will need all Food Vendor Applications and Fees by September 1st, 2017, NO EXCEPTIONS.  September 1st, 2017, is for Food Vendors only. Craft Vendors have until the day of the festival, September 16th, 2017. The address and application can be found on the Bladen County Heath Department Food Permit which is included in a link at the bottom of the page.  The Bladen County Health Department requires all food vendors to use a tent to cover their food space. All food vendors must bring their own tent(s)--the Peanut Festival does not supply or provide tents.

Please feel free to contact Jane Starnes (910-862-4301) if you have any questions. Thanks and let’s hope for once again a successful Dublin Peanut Festival for Dublin and our vendor partners! 

Vendor Application

Dublin Peanut Festival

PO Box 561

Dublin, NC 28332

Phone - 910-862-4301 -Jane Starnes


Name   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  


Address -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    




E-Mail (not necessary) -------------------------------------------------------------------------


Types of Craft(s) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------   


Types of Food(s) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Signature ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   

 ·         Food Vendors – 

If you are a for profit food vendor, you will need to have with you your food
permit provided by the Bladen County Health Department.
Click HERE to Print a Copy of the Dublin Peanut Festival Letter and Application

Click HERE to Print a Copy of the Bladen County Temporary
Food Establishment Vendor Application

Not for profit food vendors need only to have your tax number with you. 

 ·         Should you need electric power, you will have to supply your own generator.   

·         Water spaces are limited. Vendors will need to provide their own water hoses, Y’s and T’s for hook up.  

·         Craft vendors- your tents should be no larger then 10 X 10. Spaces will be 12 X 12.

Bladen County Health Department

_____Hair Restraints (baseball hat, hairnet or visor) 

_____Food covered and protected (cookers and griddles exposed to the public, dust or insects must be protected by glass, screens or tents and exposed only as much as may be necessary to permit serving and handling of food). 

_____Refrigeration: 45ºF or less with accurate air thermometer 

_____Utensils and equipment protected (clean and covered) 

_____Utensils sink with drain boards or counter space large enough to accommodate largest (i.e. pots, skewers, racks, spoons, etc.)

_____Clean location and equipment

_____*Metal stem-type thermometer accurate to ±2ºF (0-220ºF)

_____*Properly mixed sanitizer (50 to 100ppm chlorine) in a labeled spray bottle for the use of all clean food-contact surfaces 

_____*Sanitizer test strips

_____Approved employee hand-washing facilities/hand soap/paper towels 

_____Ability to heat water 

_____Approved food grade hose for potable water connections 

_____Potable running water under pressure 

_____Effective measures taken for fly control (i.e. fans, screens) 

_____Tight fitting lids on garbage cans, approved garbage disposal methods 

_____Ice scoops and separate container for ice used with drinks 

_____Food stored off the floor (potatoes, onions, etc must be stored on a pallet or by other approved means)                  

Note: The vendor has the responsibility of verifying with the organizer or sponsors the availability of water and electrical hookups as well as wastewater disposal at each site for food vendors. A food grade hose is required for all drinking water connections. No disposing of grease and wastewater into the storm drains. Grease receptacles maybe provided at central sites.

 All foods must be obtained from approved sources. Any foods requiring preparation prior to the event will not be allowed. DO NOT PREP FOOD BEFORE RECEIVING A PERMIT; any food pre-prepped will be discarded. Foods such as cream filled pastries and pies or salads such as ham, potato, chicken and crab cannot be served in a temporary food establishment.

Please list below all food to be served. Include your plan to keep potentially hazardous food hot (135’F or greater) or cold (45’F or less).

The Health Department reserves the right to limit the menu based upon state laws pertaining to TFE’s and the availability of proper equipment.


Food Item Where Prepared Cooking Procedures  Supplier Info

 (i.e. deep-fry, propane, microwave, stove, oven grill, etc). Indicate temperature control method (i.e. refrigeration, coolers,
hot holding).

BBQ Approved kitchen
Commercially Packaged
Onsite-purchased frozen and
thawed in refrigerator then heated
on stove to 165 F. Held on steam
table at 140 F.
Piggy's BBQ
123 Eaten St.
Pork City, NC

If all of the requirements above are not met, a permit will not be issued.

 Any questions can be directed to the Bladen County Health Department at (910)862-6852.

Click HERE to Print a Copy of the Bladen County Health Department Checklist

Click HERE to Print a Copy of the Dublin Peanut Festival Letter and Application